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Welcome to Enough is Enough Anti Violence


Enough is Enough was formed in 1994 by Ken Marslew following the tragic and violent murder of his son, university student Michael. From this tragic beginning, the seeds of hope were planted in the organisation’s mission to reform society’s attitudes to violence through education and research.

Enough is Enough offers a comprehensive range of age and situation appropriate programs, seminars, and support services that focus on reducing the level of violence and its impact on society by offering practical strategies to deal with challenges, encouraging personal responsibility, building resilience and developing ‘outside the square’ thinking.

Programs and services include:

Counselling Services and Support Groups

Grief and Loss Counselling in Sydney

Professional Counselling & Support Groups | Domestic Violence Help | Drug & Alcohol Management | Stress & Anger Management| Support Groups for Kids | Workshops | Gay & Lesbian Family Issues Support | Victims of Crime Support.

Small and Medium Enterprise Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program As part of Workplace Health and Safety laws, it is fundamental that you, as an employer, support the mental well-being of your employees. Enough is Enough can ensure you meet your obligations while enhancing employee performance.

Education Programs and Workshops

School, community and business development workshops in sydney

Enough is Enough runs school and community based programs utilising intervention strategies with young people through our “Peacemaker Project” series programs covering bullying, cyber-bullying, harassment, personal responsibility,resilience life skills and leadership.

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There are many ways you can help us. As a supporter of Enough is Enough, you help us to create a better Australia for young people. In return, Enough is Enough offers you the peace of understanding that through your generous spirit, volunteering
and financial support it makes it possible of us to help others in need.


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How bullying can affect your work

Current News and Upcoming Events

Enough is Enough Current News and Upcoming Events

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Michael Marslew Peace Foundation

Michael Marslew Peace Foundation

Michael Marslew Peace Foundation is dedicated to the memory of Michael Kenneth Marslew, 25th March, 1975 to 27th February 1994.
The object of the foundation is to promote practical peace strategies amongst young people, giving them the responsibility to deal the level of violence in today’s society.